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 As the name would suggest, synthetic oil is man-made, not derived from petroleum like conventional oil pulled from the ground. Although synthetic oil has been in use since the 1930s, AMSOIL released the first product for automobiles in 1972. The development and use of synthetic oil tells a lot about its properties and benefits. Let’s take a brief look at the history of this innovative product. 

War Deployment

The first synthetic oils were developed for experimental purposes in the 1930s. With high demand on resources during the war, there was extensive pressure to find alternatives to petroleum. This strain was intense in Germany, where the Allies had cut off Axis access to oil in the Middle East. By 1944, synthetic oil was being widely used by both sides for aircraft applications. 

Aircraft Uses

In the post-war period, synthetic oil continued to be employed exclusively in aircraft engines. They found that synthetic oil performed better than conventional oil in cold weather and at hot temperatures, and that it lasted longer, requiring less maintenance. It was in this capacity that a young jet pilot named Lieutenant Colonel Albert J. Amatuzio came across synthetic oils.

AMSOIL: The First in Synthetics

Amatuzio began researching synthetic oils in the early 1960s. Realizing that synthetics were better at reducing friction and engine wear, he decided to develop a synthetic oil for use in automobiles. In 1972, as President & CEO of AMSOIL, he introduced the first synthetic oil for consumer use.   

Today AMSOIL is still the best synthetic oil in the market. The experts at ADR Oil Company, an AMSOIL dealer in Humble, TX can help choose the best synthetic oil for your car, motorcycle, boat, or lawnmower. If you would like to know more, please contact us at (832) 445-7530 or by email at You can find all AMSOIL products at our online store.

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