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Summer is here and your lawn will require special attention to boost your home exterior. Besides from your gardening tools, you will also need to use your lawn mower to take good care of your garden. For this reason at ADR Oil Company in Humble, we would like to tell you about some ideas to maintain this machine.

How to Care for Your Lawn Mower

Learn about Your Machine

Your lawn mower requires special care and maintenance to keep it in good working condition and extend its lifespan. Remember to read thoroughly your owner’s manual, as you can find useful information and specifications about your machine.

Check the Fuel

Keep in mind that stale gasoline can create impurities that will damage the fuel system of your machine, so make sure to change the fuel frequently. This way you will also have the power you need to perform your chores.

Change the Oil

Oil is crucial to maintain the temperature of your machine and prevent it from overheating and boost its performance. Make sure to check the levels and change the oil every year and take it to an oil change facility to dispose it properly.

Sharpen the Blade

It’s no secret that a dull blade will make your machine less efficient, just remember that you should be careful while perform this activity and wear your work gloves to protect your hands. It’s recommended that you visit the mower repair shop, as they have the right experience and equipment to carry out this activity. These are just some ideas that will keep your lawn mower running properly, so you can carry out your chores without any setbacks. You should also consider getting your machine inspected by a professional, as they will be able to pinpoint and address any potential problems that you may overlook.

Synthetic Oil in Humble

Remember that AMSOIL oil provides your engine with superior protection, as it reduces friction and heat more effectively than conventional oils. Consider us next time you are looking for synthetic oil in Humble. Call (832) 445-7532 to learn more about our products.

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