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As you go through your vehicle’s summer maintenance checklist, make sure you know your vehicle will be well protected over the hot summer months. Knowing how weather conditions affect different types of motor oils can help you make a better decision when it comes to choosing the best oil for your vehicle. At ADR Oil Company we can help you understand how not only the heat may affect your oil, but also the cold, and what this means for your vehicle.

Extreme summer heat

Conventional oils have a tendency to change in extreme heat. Your vehicle’s high operating temperature combines with the summer heat to create even hotter conditions. As a result, conventional oils evaporate and lose helpful additives. They may lose important lubricants and additives that help your vehicle stay cool. Your vehicle’s oil consumption will also be raised because of the quicker rate at which conventional oils evaporate. The viscosity of conventional oils will also be affected and can cause the oil to flow less fluidly. Sludge and buildup can cause deposits in your engine that can cause wear and affect your vehicle’s performance.The makeup of synthetic oils allows them to remain fluid in the heat. They are more heat resistant and will retain their viscosity under extreme conditions. They won’t evaporate at the same rate as conventional oils assuring less oil consumption. These oils will cause less deposits, allowing your vehicle’s engine to run smoother for longer. Important additives won’t be lost and will help create less pressure and wear on your engine.

Sub-zero temperatures

Like extremely high temperatures, freezing temperatures can also cause changes in motor oil. Conventional oils tend to get thicker as the weather gets colder. As they get thicker, they have a tougher time flowing rapidly. As they move more slowly through your engine, conventional oils can leave parts exposed and unprotected for short periods of time. This can cause unnecessary wear on your engine.Synthetic oils won’t lose their properties in colder temperatures just like in extreme heat. They perform great in all types of weather. Freezing temperatures won’t affect their fluidity. They will continue to move through your vehicle’s engine properly. Synthetic oils can help reduce wear on your engine and help keep it happy and healthy for longer. 

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