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If you own an ATV, and you read our last blog post, then you are likely seeing the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Houston in the form of increased ATV engine performance and a reduction in damage caused during regular operation.

Keep Your Boat or Jet-Ski Engine in Good Condition With a Synthetic Oil Change in Houston

During our recent post, we mentioned that some adventure seekers opt for marine based equipment. And in this post, it is these adventurers who have information for. With an extensive range of marine based synthetic oil products to choose from, Amsoil Dealer - ADR Oil Company has extensive history helping marine vehicles keep their vessels in good shape, and in this post, we will share with you the how and they why.

What Differentiates a Marine Engine From the Rest

When you are riding an ATV through the mud and around the track with tight turns, you will have a few gears to choose from to give you the torque and speed you need. With a boat or a jet-ski, however, your only option is to turn a handle. While this operation undoubtedly gets your vessel going, and at a fast speed, it also means the moment you start to move; your engine is running at increasing RPMs, with no gear change available to lighten its load and provide engine relief. This constant operation put extreme stress on your engine and can quickly lead to engine damage and expensive maintenance visits. If your first thought is 'well, it seems to be working well enough so far', then you're right. It's true that marine engines were designed to perform with this operation. However, they were not designed to perform at their maximum without a bit of help. Help that you also see in the likes of your car and ATV; engine lubrication. Engine lubrication comes in two primary forms, and while on the face of it, they are visually separated by price, what's inside the bottle is very, very different. A traditional or conventional oil is what you used in your car 'back in the day'. It's what your parents used and their parents before them. Unfortunately, it hasn't made much progress since then and wasn't designed to be used in today's engines. This is the cheaper of the two oils. Synthetic oil is the newer of the two, and while the bottle may cost a little extra, it is far outweighed by the benefits. Purpose designed to handle the level of stress and wear that modern engines place on engine lubrication, a synthetic oil change in Houston will not only provide basic lubrication for your engine, but it can also help to increase your engine's performance, reduce ongoing engine wear and reduce gas usage. Of course, it also lasts longer than a conventional, resulting in the slightly more expensive bottle lasting much longer. While all synthetic oils are high quality, they were not all designed to be interchanged throughout engines. AMSOIL have developed a range of synthetic oils which have been individually created to ensure they provide the best benefits to each unique engine. To help you get the right product for a synthetic oil change in Houston in your vehicle, speak with Amsoil Dealer - ADR Oil Company at (832) 445-7530. Extensive knowledge is what sets us apart and allows us to make sure you get exactly the product you need.

The Effects of High Temperatures on Your Vessel's Engine

High RPM stress isn't the only challenge for a modern marine based engine. With an increase in weather temperates comes an increase in operating temperatures. As the temperatures inside the engine start to rise, the temperature of the lubrication rises with it. If the quality of the lubricant isn't high enough, these temperatures can cause it to break down. When this occurs, additives and impurities inside the oil can break away from the primary fluid and begin to accumulate through your engine. As this process isn't a fast occurring one, unaware engine operators continue to push their engines. Of course, once the accumulation becomes significant enough it begins to interfere with the operation of the engine components and cause engine wear through the internal components. Similar to the difference we raised above between conventional and synthetic oil, this level of impact isn't present when using synthetic oil as it has been designed to protect itself against this very type of operation. The formulation of AMSOIL synthetic oil includes high-quality additives which allow it to resist breaking down under extreme temperatures, providing your engine with a consistent level of high-quality engine protection.

Protect Your Vessel With the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Houston

Performing a synthetic oil change in Houston isn't difficult and doesn't take a lot of time, it just takes the right product for the job. If the information above is new to you and you aren't sure which product is best suited to your vessel, speak with Amsoil Dealer - ADR Oil Company at (832) 445-7530 and ask an expert. If you are looking for more information, our online store provides additional materials for each of our engine lubricants to help you make the right choice.

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