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If you enjoy an adventure on the water then it’s usually a boat or a jet-ski that you choose. For those who prefer to race around a track or like their rides with a bit of torque, the choice is almost always a dirt bike. However, an adventure ride not often considered when choosing what to buy is an ATV. While it may be noticeably bigger than a dirt bike, it certainly doesn’t lack agility and power and has the potential to get you out of tighter spots than your average dirt bike might allow.

Keep Your ATV Racing Through the Dirt and Mud for Longer With a Synthetic Oil Change in Atascocita

If you made the choice to get an ATV for your outdoor adventure but are having a bit of trouble finding an easy to follow list of top maintenance tips, you’re in luck. Helping riders of all types get the most out of their engine with the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Atascocita, Amsoil Dealer - ADR Oil Company has put together a list of our top maintenance tips to help get you started.

Check the Owner's Manual

It’s no surprise that most excited new ATV owners head straight out into the paddock or onto the track without giving their owner's manual a look. If you’re familiar with main types of engines then it can be easy to consider yourself an expert. However, no harm comes from reading your user's manual, especially when it comes to any break-in procedures that it recommends along with any particular types of maintenance it requires to perform at its best.

Don't Let Your Air Filter Clog Up

If you’re like most riders we know, your track of choice is often the dustiest, and we certainly don’t blame you! However, all of the dust that you throw up has to go somewhere and it’s usually your air-intake. After each ride, take a bit of time to give your air intake and filter a clean. It often doesn’t require any heavy maintenance if done regularly, so don’t let it build up.

Check Your Levels

From coolants to your oils, before you leave for any ride, check them all and take care of any top ups. Waiting until you get back isn’t going to cut it and can often leave riders stuck without their vehicles during the middle of their ride because of something basic like low engine oil levels. Make some space and take some bottles with you, just in case. If your oil bottles are running a little low, don’t leave it to the last minute and risk missing out on an adventure. Speak with AMSOIL Dealer - ADR Oil Company at (832) 445-7530 or check out our online store and sort out your oil needs in advance. If it’s been a while since you changed your oil, a synthetic oil change in Atascocita is the best way to give your engine what it needs to perform and keep your engine damage to a minimum.

Check Your Tire Pressure

When it comes to tire pressure, it’s not one-size fits all approach. If you’re driving through the mud then too little pressure can likely see you getting stuck, something no adventurer wants to see happen, especially if it requires asking for a tow. As your riding conditions change, so too should your tire pressure. Your owner's manual is going to have the information you need to make sure you're riding with the correct tire pressure.

Tire Condition

While you’re checking the pressure, take some time to check the condition of your tires. Small nicks or cuts can quickly get snagged on debris as you ride and cause trouble for your adventure in the way of a flat or torn tire. It only takes a couple of extra minutes to check and could be the difference between a full day out, and a very short one. If you're traveling to your adventure destination with your ATV on the back of a truck, consider bringing a spare.

Find the Products for the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Atascocita

These are great ways to provide a basic level of maintenance to your ATV and can help you keep it in good condition for years to come. If you’re looking for more ideas, or it’s time for a synthetic oil change in Atascocita, speak with AMSOIL Dealer - ADR Oil Company at (832) 445-7530 and get the right product for your ride. With a large range of high-quality AMSOIL synthetic oils to choose from, getting you the right one for the job is our job.

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