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A Beginner's Guide to Riding

Three needs you need to know before starting up your new dirt bike: speed, turning and jumps. Proper supervision is a must before any beginner gets out on the trail. Always put safety first and in time, you will become a dirt bike trailblazer.


When you are riding down a straightaway, and you feel like goosing it, start in a low gear. Work that gear up to its full potential, and then shift up. Once you get up to your speed, slant your back at a 45-degree angle, bend your arms at a 90-degree angle and stand up. When standing up, legs and arms are additional suspensions when going over bumps. This keeps you in better control and will conserve energy.


Control is the trick to getting maximum speed and the best setup in a turn. When going into a turn, pick a good line that won't run you off the track. Stick with it and keep a steady power. Keep your outside elbow up and your inside leg out. Have your leg sticking straight out in front of you near the fender. This will help you to keep your balance. Dab your foot on the ground if you slide out. Once in the turn, first look where you want to go. Keep your butt on the outside of the seat while applying slight pressure to the outside foot peg, This helps by putting more weight on the outside of your bike, thus giving you more traction. Finish braking and shifting before you enter the corner. You want to concentrate your attention on getting through the corner. By using the clutch while exiting a corner, you will get a short burst of power.


Big jumps are scary when you aren't used to riding. Take it slow and try little table tops first. Table tops are much easier and provide a steady landing. Lift up on handlebars and stand up just a bit. Once you feel comfortable with that, try a double. Take off the bottom of the face sitting down. Once your front wheel is on the dirt, you should be standing up. When you're in the air, position yourself comfortably but brace yourself for a landing. If the bike's front end is straight up and down, stay calm. Hit the back brake and you should lower gradually. Before hitting the ground, give it a little gas so your bike will flow smoothly.

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