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Here at ADR Oil Company, we believe in our product and we want to tell you why AMSOIL synthetic oil is superior to other conventional oils. Today we are going to talk about uniformity, one of the features of AMSOIL oil, and some of the benefits you get from this feature. 

AMSOIL lubricants only contain uniform, smooth lubricating molecules. Conventional oil contains a mixture of irregular and odd shaped molecules of varying sizes. Uniformity makes synthetics superior to thinning in heat and thickening in cold. 

Low Volatility 

Conventional lubricants contain small, light molecules which tend to “boil off” at relatively low temperatures. It takes less energy for them to life out of solution than bigger, heavier molecules. This concept is called volatility. Things that evaporate easily are more volatile than fluids that take more heat to evaporate. 

Conventional lubricants are more volatile than synthetic lubricants. This concept obviously affects rate of oil consumption. If part of your oil is being boiled off, then you have less oil in your system protecting your equipment and components. 

Synthetic oil does not boil off as easily and therefore the AMSOIL has a longer life than conventional oils. Also, when lighter molecules in conventional oil vaporize, the molecules that remain in the oil are heavy and large which make the oil thick and hard to pump. Your equipment and engine has to work harder to pump the thick oil which shortens the equipment life and can lead to excess wear. When your engine and equipment work harder, they also consume more fuel because more energy is needed to push the thick oil. 

Synthetic lubricants so not lose as much to volatility because the molecules are uniform in size. AMSOIL does not have the smaller, lighter molecules that boil off. This means that using synthetic oil keeps your vehicle and equipment working at their peak performance and fuel economy. 


The obvious benefit of using AMSOIL over conventional lubricants is that synthetic oil lasts longer. Because of this, you are able to save money while keeping your vehicle and equipment protected. Predictive maintenance calls for changing the oil after a specific interval. You are able to extend drain intervals which saves you money on used oil disposal costs, replacement oil costs, and decreased downtime. 

AMSOIL synthetic oil in Humble, Texas

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