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Checking Transmission Fluid

Checking your transmission fluid can keep your car running longer and stronger. Here are some easy, breezy DIY steps. Read on.


You will need a:

Get Started

Warm up your engine. It's important to not, overfilling your transmission can cause it to push out of the case vent and filler tube, and can cause seals to blow. It can also cause your transmission to slip and act unstable. Park your car on a level surface. With the hood up, keep your engine running and your car in park or neutral with the parking brake on.

The Dipstick

Remove the dipstick from the cylinder and wipe it down with the towel. Inspect the stick. If everything checks out and the color, smell, and consistency of fluid is okay, then you can re-insert the dipstick back into the transmission. Remove it again to gauge the fluid levels. The dipstick will have two lines on it to mark the upper and lower limit. Sometimes labeled “Full” and “Add” to make it easier. Check to see whether the fluid is between the two lines, if it is then it means there is enough fluid, and you don’t have to add any more. If the fluid is under the “Add” or lower line, then you need to add more. Low fluid levels are the leading cause of most transmission problems. If the level is way below the “Add” or lower line, this could mean you have a leak. Look in the driveway and under your car for any signs of leaks. If there is a leak, you are going to need to find out what's causing the problem and repair it. If it isn’t a leak, then you can proceed to add more fluid.

Adding Fluid

Take the funnel and insert it into the opening that you pulled the dipstick out of. Make sure it is secure. You need to take your new transmission fluid and pour it into the funnel in small amounts. Add just enough for the level to be in between the two lines. Check the dipstick for fluid levels periodically and make sure it isn’t too much. Once the level is in between the two marks, you can re-insert the dipstick securely, lower the hood, and turn off the engine.

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